Year 4 Spelling Words and Games

There are a lot of Year 4 spelling words to teach and so I’ve created a list which links every Year 4 spelling objective in the new national curriculum to a game. I wanted somewhere to go where it was easy to access a game for each objective in the Year 4 spelling word list and so far the children in my own class have really enjoyed using them.  The games were easy to set up and if you would prefer to set up your own for your class to use then have a look at So far the games have worked well as a teaching tool and as a game for the students to play independently but could be equally as useful for homework activities.

At the moment I’ve split the statutory word lists into blocks of 20 (going roughly in alphabetical order) but this will be updated soon with suggestions of how to split some of the words. With such a busy curriculum it can be difficult to know how to fit both the spelling rules and the Year 4 Spelling words. If there can be a link made between the two then hopefully this could reduce some of content to be taught so I’ll be coming up with some games linked to this in the near future.

Please add your name to the contact list if you would to be informed when these are completed. You can access all the games for the Year 4 Spelling Words from by clicking the image below. The page also has a search function which allows you to paste in the objective from the new spelling curriculum that you are looking for.


Y3 and Y4 Spelling Games new national curriculum

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