Computing Curriculum for primary

I’ve had this computing curriculum up and running since September and it has been received really well by staff at the school.¬†It combines ideas from a number of sources and brings together both Ipad and computer based sessions and tries to offer a general framework for each year group in KS1 and KS2. Of course we’ve not used the whole document yet across the school but at the moment it seems to have been embedded really smoothly in the curriculum. Please feel free to download the¬†computing curriculum below and please add your email to the subscribe list (on the right) if you would like to receive any updates for the scheme of work or any other resources I make. If you have used yourself I would be really keen to hear how it has gone and whether it has helped to implement the new computing curriculum.


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2 comments on “Computing Curriculum for primary
  1. Andy Gardiner says:

    Looks great! Thanks for putting ideas together for us to use!

  2. Andy Gardiner says:

    I’ve found a few more resources for some of the different areas including the website, especially for lower down the school.
    Would it therefore be possible to get the scheme in a different format to be able to edit and add to your current ideas. Your work would of course be recognised!
    Thank you
    IT coordinator, Bramfield CEVC PRimary School

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