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I’ve just started work on Y4 Spelling flashcards to help support the delivery of the new spelling curriculum. I will be working down the list of objectives over the next few days. If you would like updates as they are ready then please click on the subscribe button and add your email address.



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Y4 Homophones

I made a Y4 Homophones game this week using construct 2 so I thought I would add it on to the site. It’s a memory card game where you have to (surprisingly!) match the different homophones e.g. effect and affect. In terms of teaching Y4 homophones this could be a great introduction or a nice activity for a pupil to do with a TA. The game just aims to make the pupils just a bit more aware of the different spellings they may encounter for words that sound the same. All the words for the game below use some of the example words from the new national curriculum.

Due to it being my first game that I’ve made outside Zondle I’ve had a bit of difficulty getting it to work in Chrome. You should have no problems in Internet Explorer however (I don’t know why….yet!)

You can play the game below or select the link from the Y3 and Y4 spellings menu.


Four steps to an interactive Christmas card on Scratch

1. The first that we did was to choose a Christmassy background and suitable character from the Scratch library. We wanted to make all the action happen from clicking the green flag so we ran over this quickly.


2. After sorting out a background and a main character which said something we moved on to getting snow to fall. This is the part the children found most difficult. It’s also the part they seemed to enjoy the most though! The trick was to get the children to place the snowflake where they wanted it to start and move the ‘go to X:’ tab across first. They then move the flake to where they wanted it to end up and moved the glide tab over. Quite a few ended up with stationary snowflakes at first! We did this for three of four flakes making sure we changed the glide time for each one.


3. Next the children were given complete free reign over what they wanted their characters to do. Some made them walk, some say thing and others put sound on their card.


4. The final part was adding a Christmas message. Just a simple ‘Merry Christmas’ did for us. I asked the children to make sure that the message was only displayed at the end of the animation. In the end something as simple as the message below was fine.


message code

And that was it. Lots of fun, engagement and pride in what they had produced. A lovely way to round of this terms Scratch learning.











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